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Come face-to-face with some monumental figures, relive sagas of the Wild West and relish in the glory of “Big Sky Country” on this legendary journey.

The lively and glamorous cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles contrast with the rugged beauty of the California coast and grandeur of Yosemite National Park.

Embark on the quintessential autumn holiday in this truly picturesque corner of North America, brimming with Americana and alive with the spectacular colours of an Indian Summer.

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The American Southwest is the vast panoramic stage for Mother Nature's most majestic performance. After a colourful canyon curtain call, her epic show draws to a close under a spotlight of Las Vegas neon

Hawaiian Escape


Aloha. Hawaii's all-embracing greeting of choice can also be an expression love. But for the islanders, Aloha means much more than that; it's a way of living, a compassion for others and respect for nature. This gentle spirit of Aloha, combined with sensual tropical beauty makes Hawaii one of the most magical places on earth. Recline on white-sandy beaches with the warm Pacific gently lapping at your feet. Celebrate local customs and traditions. Discover lush jungle hillsides, effervescent with cascading waterfalls and delve into a creative culinary scene, as hot as any Kilauea lava flow.

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Jewels of Alaska


A is for “Ah-some” Alaska. Spectacular Denali National Park, calving glaciers and abundant wildlife combine to create the ultimate Alaskan experience.

Southern Glamour


Savour the sights, sounds and flavours of the South — graceful oaks draped in veils of Spanish moss, elegant antebellum plantations, gracious island resorts and the romance of sultry Savannah. Experience the history-soaked cobbled streets of Charleston by horse-drawn carriage. Then, with the scent of magnolia hanging heavy in the night air, dine at a private function in one of the cities most magnificent mansions. Yet nothing can hold a candle to Biltmore House, arguably the nation's premier example of Gilded Age architecture, with a priceless collection of original art and antiques.

A comprehensive exploration of the American West visits awesome natural wonders and stays at rustic lodges amid dazzling panoramas that no camera can ever quite capture.