Vienna, Budapest & Prague

Tour Description:

These three capitals, lush with magnificent cathedrals, imperial palaces and majestic castles, stand at the geographical heart of mainland Europe. Their histories and cultures are intertwined by the powerful Habsburg dynasty.

Easy Pace France

Tour Description:

Spend quality time in three very different parts of France. Contrast the cultural capital of Paris with the Roman remains and Provencal landscapes that inspired Cezanne and Van Gogh. While a totally different picture awaits in the chic resorts of the sun-drenched Côte d'Azur

London, Paris and Rome

Tour Description:

Enjoy sightseeing in each city to introduce you to the famous sights and attractions, followed by ample time to explore at your leisure.

Best of Italy

Tour Description:

Roman antiquities, pious Assisi, Venetian canals, Renaissance Florence and Capri sunshine are fused with a touch of ‘la dolce vita’ for the perfect tour of Italy.

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Italian Intermezzo

Tour Description:

Italy’s most famous and best loved cities reveal a treasure-trove of riches on this concise yet surprisingly diverse and delightful itinerary.

Journey from Rome

Tour Description:

If you had to define Europe by just a handful of cities and sightseeing experiences, then look no further than this tour. This is your classic route through Europe from the Colosseum to the Place de la Concorde

Highlights of Spain

Tour Description:

True to its name, you’ll find only the highlights here; the Alhambra, the Modernist architecture of Barcelona, Madrid’s Prado Museum, the Andalusian capital of Seville and Cordoba’s Mezquita to name but a few.

Amazing Spain & Portugal

Tour Desciption:

From the cobbled streets of Toledo to the arabesque Alhambra and Manueline Lisbon, this well planned itinerary highlights the culture, art and landscapes of these two ‘amazing’ countries.

European Breakaway

Tour Description:

A sensational sojourn designed to capture the very essence of Europe in a short period of time. Travel from the canals of Amsterdam to the Swiss Alps and elegant boulevards of Paris.

Highlights of Europe

Tour Description:

Shorter itineraries tend to be brisk and this tour is no exception. However, while making full use of the daylight hours, it still leaves the afternoons free in the towns and cities for you to explore the sparkling Christmas Markets at your leisure.